How can Pilates help with chronic pain?

Part of my integrated approach as a health and wellbeing consultant includes Pilates & Movement. Movement is an essential part of life. Restricted movement can have a detrimental effect on our mind and mood.

But how does Pilates help with Chronic Pain?

Pilates works on the musculoskeletal system and looks at alignment, breathing, core stability, flexibility, co-ordination, concentration and centring. Pilates sessions can increase an awareness of your alignment in static (standing, sitting or lying) and dynamic (moving) postures.

When working with Chronic Pain, exercises are adapted, regressing or progressing them to gain stability, mobility and ease of movement.

When MELT Method practices are added to the session, the benefits of Pilates are enhanced. (Find out more about the MELT Method).

By paying attention to how you move, and where you are moving from, is important in helping to re-establish optimum movement patterns. We have blogged more about this in our Wellness Wednesday post - why correct repetition of an action is important.

Small and large Pilates equipment (like our reformers) and resistance can be used to enhance Pilates sessions. For people suffering with chronic pain the reformer helps to support rehabilitation whilst building strength. In this short video we show how the reformer can be used for this purpose.

The benefits of exercise are proven, with a Public Health England report states that "regular physical activity can help to prevent and manage over 20 chronic conditions and diseases..." For more information on this read our Wellness Wednesday post - the benefits of exercise.

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