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The benefits of exercise

Updated: Apr 22

According to Public Health England, today we are around 20% less active than we were in the 1960s, and if this trend continues, the UK population will be 35% less active by 2030!

What are the causes?

This change is driven largely by the change in our lifestyles and increase in the use of technology. For example, the report recorded that today's adults spend 7+ hours per day sedentary. This is through either longer hours working at a desk without taking a break; or due to spending longer in our daily commute whether that is in a car, bus or train; or simply through watching TV or being on our phones, tablets or computers.

The benefits of exercise

The benefits of exercise on our physical and mental health are well documented, and the Public Health England report states that "regular physical activity can help to prevent and manage over 20 chronic conditions and diseases..." with "1 in 3 of the working age population having 1 long term condition"

So let's get moving! And start to feel the benefits of exercise on our health and wellbeing.

Check out our Pilates and movement classes or 121 private sessions or for more information on the benefits of exercise, why the population health is declining and what you can do to take action for yourself or your family, please see the PHE guidance

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