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What can cause skin conditions?

Updated: Apr 22

To make sure we have healthy skin, it’s really important that we have healthy blood sugar levels. If they are balanced then our system is easily able to sort the fluids in to “nutritious” or “clear out”.

What is happening when you have dry or inflammatory skin?

Everything you put onto your skin and into your body has a biochemical and hormone reaction. When your skin is inflamed, it is usually because your body is trying to get something out – some hormone reaction in the blood that it’s trying to get it out of the system.

Identifying the cause of a Skin condition

As a Kinesiologist, when a client comes to me with skin issues, the first thing I check in the health is the food strategies - what you are putting on to and into the body.

If you’re eating really well and have hardly any food intolerances, then my next consideration is the stressors in your environment – are you out in the sun, are you in an air-conditioned office, your work responsibilities, emotions, people in your life and the impact on your environment.

It could even be the type of workout you are doing. Perhaps your job is very stressful and you work long hours but then also like to be active so you go from your long day and you’re hitting the gym, cycling, riding, whatever, really hard, for a tough physical workout. This is putting more stress on your body, potentially releasing high levels of cortisol in the blood.

Our systems can only process so much information before they go into overload or overwhelm and then something has to give.

When our body systems are in balance then your skin should be able to clear out additional toxins and adapt to your environment. If you have had inflammation for too long, then I always suggest you seek medical advice, but I will also look at the fundamentals of your health – are the basics in place?

Food, sleep, exercise - when are we eating, when are we resting, when are we allowing the body down time cycles. Are you allowing any time for your parasympathetic nervous system to kick in? If not, it will show up in the skin.

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