Wellness Wednesday Remedy - Kinesiology and food testing

How we use kinesiology to test for food intolerances

When food testing in Kinesiology, we are checking to see if are foods are:

Biogenic - nourishing for the body,

Biostatic - neither good or bad, fillers or

Biocidic - deplete the body of energy or over stimulate the body.

When your body is in balance and a muscle test is performed (see our blog on kinesiology for more info on this ) a working muscle will lock, and unlock when asked to switch off.

When an item of food is placed next to the parotid gland in a glass or plastic container and the muscle is tested - the body is essentially being asked "When this food is eaten does it create a change to the locking muscle". If the muscle unlocks then the food causes an intolerance. If it locks we would also check other areas to ensure the rest of the body was "ok" with this food too.

To find out more about food intolerances through Kinesiology and whether it is right for you, you can book a free 15 minute consultation with Zoisa. Or if you're ready to take the first step you can book your assessment:

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