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The brain system - brain-fog, overwhelm and overload....

Updated: Apr 22

When the brain is out of balance, decision making and clarity of thinking can be compromised. You might experience brain-fog or meno-brain (yes peri and menopause related) when you can't remember the word you want!

A simple technique to help the brain is to keep hydrated. e.g. Drink Water!

But when you are experiencing overload and overwhelm what other practical steps can you take to help your brain?

Check out my video to learn more....

Overload and overwhelm in the brain

The brain is our 'creative hub'. It processes 11 million bits of data - pieces of internal and external information - every second. So what we see, touch, feel, and it also draws on our past experiences in order to interpret the world around us and provide solutions.

Signs of brain system overload and overwhelm are also the symptoms of an imbalance in the electrical realm (check out my Functional Kinesiology Course for more info). They happen to us when our body is having difficulty processing all of the information. It yells "there's just 'too much' to process right now" and then there is a reaction, for example; Brain fog, the inability to make decisions, headaches, being accident prone....

The body basically goes in to Flight Fright Freeze or Fawn... more on this below.

There are some simple and quick actions you can take to help your body:

  • ‍Breathing exercises

  • Drink water

  • Balance your blood sugars by eating balanced meal of protein, fat and carbs

  • Start a worry journal - helps to get the thoughts out of your head

  • 10 mins of stress management e.g. yoga, massage, mediation

Flight, Fright, Freeze or Fawn.

What is 'fawn'?

Well this is where you go with it. You can't stop. You keep going and going looking for an escape route. It's a coping mechanism (like Fight, Freeze or Flee) which is great, whilst it serves you, but what about when it stops?

What happens when the strategy to work harder and harder, faster and faster, for longer and longer, too keeping going and going, results not in achieving the goal, but in overly stressing your nervous system to breaking point?

What other coping strategy could you employ to serve you now?

What do you need to give your brain the opportunity to be 'creative' and find a more resourceful coping strategy?

As part of the Kinesiology training or 121 sessions, we look at the mindset as part of the whole integrated health picture and can work with your body and brain to recognise the early warning signs of overload and to take action.

To find out more about your own body, book a 121 session or kinesiology taster session at Wells or Somerton:

Or check out my functional kinesiology course


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