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Skin and our hormones – what’s going on?

Updated: Apr 22

On a hot sunny day, we are advised to make sure that we protect our skin, applying sun cream, being mindful of our time in the sun and how hot it is. And this is ESSENTIAL. There are record numbers of skin cancers cases in England (just google the stats!) and having suffered myself with Skin Cancer, I cannot drive home enough the importance of protecting your skin.

But how does this connect with my hormones? And why should I care?

Remember that hormones are the chemical messengers travelling through the blood. If blood is the road, the biochemical messengers are the delivery drivers sending messages. On a bright sunny day this could be messages such as: to dilate pupils, open/close pores, sweat, sleep etc.

Everything you put INTO OR ONTO your body has a hormonal impact on the body, so your suncream, shower gel, moisturisers, deodorant etc – literally everything that you put onto your body has a chemical reaction, it creates chemical changes within the body and the body has to process that.

It needs to decide “what’s coming in? what to do I need to do with it?” and then consider “Is it helpful? Or do I need to detox it?”

As we absorb chemicals through our skin into the blood stream, it passes through to the liver to deal with and clears any toxins or xeno-toxins. If these aren’t cleared, we can get a build-up of xeno-oestrogen (which is the hormone that helps to plump things up). So whether it’s something we’re putting onto our skin, or it’s just in the environment, if we have an excess and our bodies are unable to clear it then it causes an imbalance which has an impact on our health and wellbeing.

So it’s always important to consider what is in the product (e.g. what the ingredients are) before you slap that product onto your skin.

If you suffer with Eczema or sensitive skin and want more information about finding a suitable sunscreen for your skin check out the National Eczema Society's info at

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